The Order of Chaos is not a religion, nor are we another third eye cult. We do not subscribe to any one particular doctrine or dogma. We are neither a left nor right hand path organization. Rather we embrace the concepts of balance and of transcending duality. We believe in the betterment of the world through the betterment of the individual.


The practice of ritual Magick could accurately be described as experiential psychology. Rather than studying a left brained and materialist view of psychology, Magickal practice induces direct confrontational experience with the deepest levels of your own psyche, and in so doing gives you the skills and knowledge necessary to begin working with those energies in a meaningful and transformative way.


The esoteric tool kit which consists of Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, and the Hermetic principles, gives you the direct experiential knowledge and tools that you need to master your life, organize your mind, overcome depression, fear, and anxiety, manifest your dreams, and come into alignment with your soul mission.


Book an ppointment or subscribe on Patreon to get started. I offer intuitive readings in Tarot and Numerology, as well as Spiritual guidance from a Hermetic/Zen point if view, and private instruction in Witchcraft.


Vid chat hours have been expanded and 30 minute in-depth Tarot reading sessions are only $20 From now until the end of the lock down. 


Sa Sekhem Sahu.

-Sanhre Daffowt 

Founder @Theorderofchaos