Occult Puzzle: Complete the Sequence

What number comes next in the Fibonacci sequence?

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Black Witch Dirah is a solitary Luciferian witch and Occultist specializing in demonolatry and the dark arts. She is also a devotee of Santa Muerte and an experienced tarot reader possessing strong intuition and psychic ability.


Dirah’s practice consists of working with Infernal entities and Ancient Gods of the Left-Hand Path to achieve a specific outcome from spell work while also channeling the messages of wisdom and knowledge that these divine beings have to share with us. Her passion is building working relationships with Daemons in order to continue down a path of self-elevation and liberation.


She is passionate about educating others on Occultism and the Left-Hand Path and its potential to be a journey to self-mastery and evolution of the spirit. She is also driven when it comes to spell casting and bringing about successful results for her clients whether that be through love magick, spells for financial abundance and wealth, protection magick, healing work or hexing and cursing.

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