Occult Puzzle: Complete the Sequence

What number comes next in the Fibonacci sequence?

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Cressida Stone is the author of Secrets of Santa Muerte (Weiser, 2022). She leads a double life: she is a doctor of Anthropology trained at the University of Oxford, publishing on Santa Muerte in academic journals while also moving in occult circles, practicing Santa Muerte witchcraft with the brujos of Mexico and writing on the occult aspects of Santa Muerte practice. She has apprenticed in Mexico with shamans of Santa Muerte at temples to the saint of death.


In this class Dr. Stone will teach you how to create a deep and meaningful relationship with Santa Muerte. She will explain how to build an altar to the folk saint, as well as how to commence your practice with a ritual dedicated to welcoming Santa Muerte into your home, and the importance of offerings. Dr. Stone will explore the significance of magical cloak color correspondences for magic. Dr. Stone will outline how to deepen your relationship with Santa Muerte through prayer, dreamwork, divination, and creativity. She will talk about candle magic, ceromancy (divination of candle wax) and how to identify omens. Dr. Stone will provide recipes, tips and tricks on how to cleanse your altar, your statues, and even yourself, to expunge yourself of negative energy. She will teach you about love magic, healing ceremonies, casting hexes and ridding yourself of curses. Working with the moon both in your brujeria (magick) and cleansing will also be focused on.

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