In Depth Tarot Reading:


I will connect to your spirit guides through the Tarot to get to the heart of your situation, answer your questions, and offer advice from a Hermetic/Zen point of view.

15 mins - $25 / 30 mins - $40 / 60 mins -$75


The Esoteric Tool Kit Self Discovery Session:


An analysis of your life path number, along with your "big three" astrological signs

(Sun, Moon, and Ascendant) and a one hour discussion of how to make the most of this information in your everyday life. 

60 mins - $75


The Arrow of Destiny Reading:

The Arrow of Destiny is an analysis of your north and south nodal placements, your life path number, and Destiny number. This reading reveals your souls intended tragectory in this life time, and the path you need to follow in order to align with your purpose and passion.

60 mins - $75


Private Instruction in Chaos Magick and Esoteric Philosophy:


I will teach you how to use The Esoteric Tool Kit to fundamentally change your life and improve your state of mind. I will teach you about metaphysics, Chaos Magick, Astrology, and Numerology, how to create sigils, read Tarot, and cast spells, as well as the Hermetic principles and other secrets of the Occult.

60 mins -$75, 1 topic per lesson


All services are provided via phone or Zoom video call.

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