The Order of Chaos is a traditionally structured Magickal Order that emphasizes the study of the underlying metaphysical principles that form the foundations of both ancient and modern Occultism. Students within the order progress through degrees of initiation, and course work in order to advance and become the Adepts and Acolytes of Chaos.


Unlike most Magickal orders, in which initiation is by invitation only, official membership in The Order of Chaos is open to all who successfully complete the course work.

Classes are held weekly and range from 60-90 minutes.

Choose group lessons or private instruction.

Students who complete the 1st degree course work and both written and practical exams will be awarded the rank of Apprentice within the order. Students who complete both 1st and 2nd degree course work and exams will be awarded the rank of Adept within the order.

This course work is designed to do two things. First, to teach (and thus preserve and advance) the Occult Sciences. And second, to bring the student into direct contact with their own higher self or Holy Guardian Angel.

Graduates of T.O.C. continue to work towards the advancement of the Occult Sciences and understanding of the Magickal arts as representatives and members of The Order of Chaos.


There are five degrees of initiation within The Order of Chaos. 

Currently The first two degrees are available to the public.


The course work for the first two degrees of initiation is as follows:

1st Degree

2nd Degree

Introductory Class: (2hrs)

  • What is Magick?

  • Course Overview

  • Required Materials

  • Tracking The Moon

  • The Magickal Journal


Module 1: The Hermetic Principles

1. The principle of Mentalism

2. The principle of Correspondence

3. The principle of Vibration

4. The principle of Polarity

5. The principle of Gender

6. The principle of Rhythm

7. The principle of Cause and Effect

8. Putting it all together

9. Q&A

Module 2: Developing Psychic Awareness


Module 3: Astrology 101

1. The Planets

2. The signs

3. The Houses

4. The Nodes

5. Aspects

6. Transits

8. Reading a Chart

9. Q&A


Module 4: Introduction to Numerology

1. The Numbers 1-9

2. The Master Numbers 11 22 & 33

3. Life Path, Destiny, and Personal Year Numbers

4. Numerological Synchronicity

5. Q&A


Module 5: The Arrow of Destiny


Module 6: The Tarot

1. Introduction to The Tarot

2. The Major Arcana Part 1

3. The Major Arcana Part 2

4. The Minor Arcana

4. The Suit of Cups

6. The Suit of Wands

7. The Suit of Swords

8. The Suit of Pentacles

9. The Court Cards and Psychology

10. The Correspondence Method

11. The Story Telling Method

12. Q&A


Module 7: Ritual Techniques

1. Altars, Sacred Space, and The Magick Circle

2. The Science of Spell Casting

3. The "ingredients" of Magick

4. Moon Magick

5. Banishing and Protection

6. Creating a Ritual

7. Q&A


1st Degree Written Exam

1st Degree Practical Exam

1st Degree Initiation Ritual

Module 1: Esoteric Philosophy: The Light and The Dark

Module 2: Gnosis

  • Meditation and Trance: Accessing Higher Dimensional intelligence

  • Making Contact: Gods, Aliens, Angels, Demons, and Spirit Guides

Module 3: The Physics of Witchcraft

1. Quantum Consciousness

2. The Tesseract and The 4th Dimension

3. Dark Matter and Dark Energy

4. Many Worlds: Time Lines, Quantum jumping, and The Mandela Effect.

5. Q&A


Module 4: Advanced Protection Magick: Wards Reversals, and psychic self defense


Module 5: Introduction to Sacred Geometry


Module 6: Introduction to Crystals


Module 7: Chaos Magick

1. The Six Principles of Chaos Magick

2. Belief as a tool

3. Sigil Magick

4. Ritual Math

5. Thought Forms and Servitors

6. Q&A


Module 9: Introduction to Occult Anatomy

Module 10: Introduction to The Elder Futhark Runes


Module 11: Advanced Ritual Techniques:


1. Mirror Magick

2. BindRunes

3. Scrying and The Black Mirror

5. Cyber Magick

6. Q&A

2nd Degree Written Exam

2nd Degree Practical Exam

2nd Degree Initiation Ritual

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