News Letter No.1 Oct. 2019

Dear friends,


First, let me say thank you all so much for your support and interest in the transformative power of Numerology, Astrology, and the Magickal Tarot! I have met many of you in person or over video chat and I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to form that connection with you!


This is the inaugural monthly newsletter of The Order of Chaos. I'll be sending these newsletters each month with announcements, schedules, and important astrological information. I will also be sharing insights, wisdom, and teachings from my own spirit guides and my travels through the quantum realms of consciousness.


A quick note about my services


I want you all to know that when you chose me as your spiritual advisor you are forming a relationship that is incredibly important not only to you, as you are well aware of your connection to spirit and do not want to spend your money frivolously on fake psychic advice from 1-800 numbers, but also to me. I keep in touch with all my clients via text and DM. My clients are my friends. I never charge to answer quick questions or for discussions. I only charge you for readings and coaching. I also will never charge you by the minute like most psychic services, and I will never leave you confused about your reading. Also, I will never send you a generic copy and pasted answer to your questions. Every reading or session is personal and confidential. Your success and well being are always my primary concern. It's my sincere desire to help you find your highest vibrational reality and your greatest joys through the magick of a personal connection to spirit.


What is Tarot? Why does it work?


To put it simply, the Tarot is a multidimensional, pictorial diagram of the entire universe, it’s creation, and the personalities and situations that occur in every human life. It is a synthesis of astrology, numerology, magick, psychology, physics, and spiritual understanding. There are many ways to interpret exactly how the Tarot produces such accurate readings, all of which are correct in their own way, as tarot is multidimensional. I'm going to start with the most basic of explanations, as I know that many of you are new to these concepts. We are all connected by an invisible web of psychic energy. This is nothing new, and the scientific community is aware of it. Brain waves create frequencies or vibrations, and these frequencies interact with the environment and the people around you. Simply by knowing this, you can begin to use your own psychic abilities. The Tarot is a tool for tapping into this energy field and can be used for developing psychic awareness. When I sit across the table from you, or across the world via video chat, I am simply using my intention and my own energy to connect to your energy and to the universe in order to answer your questions.


Mercury in Retrograde again


That's right folks we are headed for yet another rocky Mercury retrograde, this time in the house of Scorpio. Mercury goes retrograde on October 31st and will stay retrograde until November 20th. Expect major emotional upheavals, frustration, headaches, and confusion. Technology will be temperamental during this time, so remember to be mindful, and don't throw your phone out the window when your favourite website won't load! It's important to remember that as frustrating as retrogrades are, they serve an important purpose. Retrogrades are opportunities for us to make adjustments. They bring all our issues to the surface and offer us the opportunity to expand our patience and understanding of both ourselves and others. Retrogrades are amazing opportunities to end Karmic cycles, so keep that in mind as we all endure the most cringe-worthy of all astrological occurrences.


The science of belief


What are beliefs? This may seem like a simple question, yet the logical thinking mind has a very hard time defining beliefs. To most people, a belief is just well... something that you believe. But wait, that seems a little off to me… Certainly, you believe in your beliefs. But what are they? And what is the function of belief? When you liken the human mind to a computer, beliefs are the operating system of your being. Whereas thoughts, feelings, and actions are more like programs running on top of that basic operating system. Your beliefs direct your behavior, and therefore, largely define what experiences become available to you in life. Now is an excellent time to examine your own beliefs. If you find that some of your beliefs are negative and no longer serving your highest good, do the work to change that belief. Ask yourself "How is this belief serving me? What is it potentially holding me back from? Is this a belief or a fact?” Ultimately, you experience your beliefs, so you have every reason to develop positive beliefs that create joyful experiences! Personally I find the secular belief that life and consciousness are simply side effects of biology that are essentially meaningless to be incredibly depressing and spiritually deteriorating. When I began studying the mind bending truth of Sacred Geometry, and the mathematical principles of the physical Universe, and especially when I started drawing it myself, I felt like had found a way to plug my own consciousness directly into the fabric of the Universe to download information. For me personally, at that point there was simply no going back. My eyes had been opened to the multidimensional aspects of reality and the truths of the ancient texts that ubiquitously indicate that we are in fact eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, and that we are all surrounded at all times by an entourage of ancestors, and spirit guides who are always there for us if we are brave enough to invite them in.


It's never my intention to tell you what to believe. It's my intention to share my beliefs with you in hopes that they will have a positive impact on your life and your understanding of reality. 


Sticky Notes


  • New YouTube content coming soon! I've teamed up with a production crew and soon the YouTube channel will have new content on a regular basis.


  • Attention Ontario! I will be at The Bazaar of the Bizarre in Hamilton this coming Sunday, October 27th. Come out for a reading!


  • If you haven't already, go to my YouTube page and check out the playlist titled "Stuff you should watch". It's a collection of short films and documentaries on a wide range of topics from consciousness to paranormal phenomena, sacred geometry, God, and the nature of reality. I'm always adding to it so you can keep checking back for new videos.


  • Your feedback matters! Let me know what topics you want me to cover in future newsletters, videos, or posts!


Lastly, your reviews are incredibly helpful! If you have received a reading from me and you would like to write a review to be featured on my webpage and social media, please do. Your recommendation means the world to me!


Wishing you all a joyous Samhain celebration!


The Order of Chaos