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The Order of Chaos Mystery School self study program is a transformative journey that empowers you with ancient wisdom, modern insights, and personalized guidance. Our program combines live mentoring, immersive courses, and community support to help you unlock your inner potential, develop practical Occult skills, and connect with like-minded seekers on a path of self-discovery. Join us on this unique adventure where chaos becomes the catalyst for your spiritual evolution.

Unlike most traditional Magickal orders, in which membership is granted only by invitation, or dependent upon months of performing antiquated rituals with no clear purpose..

Official membership in The Order of Chaos (T.O.C.) is open to all who successfully complete the course work.

The Order of Chaos Mystery School does not teach one particular Magickal path. Rather, we teach the Occult Sciences which form the foundations of both ancient and modern Magickal systems, in conjunction with modern Magickal paradigms such as Simulation Theory and Quantum Physics.

This program is designed to do two things:


To bring the student into direct contact with the non-physical world, and hidden Magickal aspects of reality.



To teach, preserve and advance, occult science, by passing down a comprehensive, multi perspective understanding of the underlying metaphysical operations at work in the world around us.


Students who complete the 1st degree course work and both written and practical exams will be awarded the rank of



Students who complete both 1st and 2nd degree course work and exams will be awarded the rank of


Graduates of T.O.C. are Reality Hackers. Modern Mystics with the skill and knowledge to perform complex Magickal operations with success and generate synchronicity with ease.

Acolyte Graduate Pin

Antique silver pin.jpg

Adept Graduate Pin

Antique gold pin.jpg

The course work for the first two degrees of initiation is as follows:

*Courses are always evolving and changing. The following is a rough outline of the T.O.C. curriculum

1st Degree

2nd Degree



Module 1: What is Magick?

  • Models of Magick

  • Developing Psychic Awareness

  • The Magickal Mindset

  • Tracking The Moon and The Magickal Journal

Module 2: The Hermetic Principles

  1. The principle of Mentalism 

  2. The principle of Correspondence

  3. The principle of Vibration

  4. The principle of Rhythm

  5. The principle of Polarity

  6. The principles of Gender

  7. The principle of Cause and Effect

  8. Putting it all together: The Art of Mental Transmutation

  9. The Divine Paradox

Module 3: Occult Anatomy

  1. The Human Energy Field

  2. The Chakras and Kundalini

  3. The Torus and The Aura

  4. Opening The Third Eye

Module 4: Astrology 101

  1. The Planets

  2. The signs

  3. The Houses

  4. The Nodes of the Moon, Lilith, and Chiron

  5. Aspects Degrees and Transit

Module 5: Introduction to Chaldean Numerology

  1. The Numbers 1-9

  2. The Master Numbers 11 22 & 33

  3. Life Path, Destiny, and Personal Year Numbers

  4. Numerological Synchronicity

Module 6: Tarot Mastery

  1. Introduction to The Tarot

  2. Elements and Structure

  3. The Minor Arcana

  4. The Major Arcana

  5. The Hero's Journey

  6. Spreads

  7. Techniques

  8. Spirit Communication​​

Final Exam and Acolyte-ation Ritual

Module 6: Chaos Magick

  1. Belief as a Tool

  2. Sigil Magick

  3. Thought Forms and Servitors

Module 7: Quantum Chaos

  1. Timelines and Parallel Worlds

  2. The Observer Effect

  3. Timeline Jumping

  4. Mirror Magick

Module 8: Ritual Techniques

  1. The Science of Spell Casting

  2.  Dark Matter and Dark Energy

  3. The Chaos  Sphere

Module 9: Occult Psychology

  1. The Right and Left Hand Paths

  2. Depolarization and The Middle Path

  3. Ego and Attachment

  4. Shadow Work

  5. Group Discussion

Module 10: Making Contact

  1. Meditation and Trance: Accessing Higher Dimensional intelligence

  2. Gods, Aliens, Angels, Demons, and Spirit Guides

  3. Invocation and Evocation

  4. Abramelin, The HGA, and The Higher Self​​


Module 11: Introduction to Sacred Geometry

  1. Platonic Solids

  2. The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence

  3. The Pentagram

Module 12: Advanced Magick

  1. The Black Mirror

  2. Ritual Math

  3. Blood Sorcery (Optional)

Module 12: Demonology 

  1. The lesser key of Solomon

  2. Demons and the Psyche

  3. Invocation

  4. Evocation

  5. Working with Demons For Healing and Self Empowerment

Final Exam and Adept Self initiation Ritual

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