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     This guy is absolutely fantastic. Not only is he ethical & friendly, but he is very wise with his means of divination. He is notably experienced & is a rarity, in my own opinion. He offered me the kind of advice I truly needed at the time I consulted him, delivered in a way that does not obstruct my true will within my environment. That's where it shows how genuine he is; too often in my long history of being a reader myself, I have encountered readers who leave you no room for your own growth based on the information that was conveyed. Worth every cent. I'm glad to know him & will be a repeat client as well.

- Holly Brown, August 2, 2019

"My readings through Sanhre, have been great! Very personable and wise, he has a great and vast knowledge about everything he does! He has helped me through some tough times and I'm so very grateful for his expertise and professional skills! I really enjoy our sessions and he's always available when needed. Very reasonably priced as well. If you get one reading from him I'm sure that you would most definitely have more to come, he just is honest and forthright in every sense of the trade. I trust his intuition and his guidance. Thank you so much for helping me in so much! I will definitely go to Sanhre anytime I need to hear straight forward and honest advice!!" - Randal M. October 2019

-Randal M. October 2019

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