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What is the cost of the Mystery School program?
The cost is $77/month for US Students ($99/month CAD) 

How do I register for Mystery School?
register by going to and choosing the Mystery School Tier.

Can I interact with other students and members?
Yes! We hold live Q&A's with special guests, charts readings, Tarot and more every other sunday! and, When you sign up for the program you will gain immediate access to The Order of Chaos private student Discord server!

How many months does it take to complete the full program?
We recommend completing one lesson per day, this will allow you the time to ponder and absorb the lessons meanings. At this pace the program will take approximately one year to complete.  

Will there be homework?
There will be a multiple choice quiz after each lesson, as well as both written and practical exams at the end of each degree of initiation.

Does the program have a firm start/stop or are students to remain members and pay monthly dues indefinitely?
You can start or cancel the course at any time! 

Can I cancel membership after a while then resume where I left off at a later date?
Yes! Your progress is tracked! Lessons are pre recorded so you can always just pick up where you left off.

What happens if I do not pass the quizzes or final exams? 
If you do not pass your exams you may re take them as many times as is necessary to pass at no additional cost so long as you are a member in good standing. You must pass each quiz or exam with a 100% in order to move on. This is to ensure you are getting the knowledge you are paying for!


Is he my twin flame?

Are you sure?



The Order Of Chaos (T.O.C.) has a strict zero tolerance policy for discrimination or hate speech towards any individual or group of people based on race, religion, age, sex, or political affiliation. Violence, bullying, harassment, threats of any kind, or misrepresenting the order and its members or mission will result dismissal from the order and revocation of any title/status earned within The Order of Chaos (T.O.C.).

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