Occult Puzzle: Complete the Sequence

What number comes next in the Fibonacci sequence?

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In-Depth Tarot and Astrology Readings


Are you at a crossroads in life?

 Ready to dive deep into the wisdom of the Tarot?

Allow me to be your guide. In our Tarot and Astrology Reading, I will connect with your spirit guides through the Tarot to illuminate the path before you. With profound insights, answers to your most pressing questions, and advice rooted in Hermetic and Zen wisdom, you'll gain clarity and empowerment.

30 Minutes - $75 CAD  60 Minutes - $100 CAD

All sessions are conducted via Zoom video call, providing you with a personalized and immersive experience.

Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Embrace the wisdom of the Tarot and step confidently into your future.

Book your reading today! 

While I firmly believe that Spirituality and Magick can be powerful, life affirming, and enlightening practices they are NEVER replacements for professional medical or psychiatric advice. NEVER sacrifice your autonomy to any kind of "Guru" or base your life decisions Soley on the advice of a psychic or reader. We all have free will. We each have a Fate and a Destiny, and everything in between. The choice is always yours. The outcome of your life is NOT pre determined. 


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